22 June 2010

Rising Tides....

Typically I am a beach lover. There is nothing more soothing than the sounds of gentle waves as they wash ashore, the calming breeze coming in off the water, the unobstructed rays as the sun warms and tans the skin. The beach is such a magical place. But have you ever thought how it must feel to be a grain of sand? Today I am sand and the tides are not being so gentle. Follow me on the journey. Being metaphorically reduced to a grain of sand everything becomes larger than life. Looming overhead, overwhelming and quite frightening. I am swept up and taken whichever way the wind blows. Only to be deposited somewhere else unfamiliar to me. At any moment I can be crushed beneath the power of someone’s feet as they tread upon me on their life’s journey. Oh wait! Now I am to be scooped up in someone’s pail only to be shaped and molded into what they would like for me to be. Now, for the unforeseen – the tide. It rises and falls at its whim. Just when I think one wave has subsided, I am hit by another. And in the midst of a storm I am bombarded unmercifully by crashing waves, one after another. Each more powerful than the one before. And just when I begin to cry out “WHY?!”…..complete silence. The calm after the storm. I am sand and MS is my wave. Today I am sand. Tomorrow…..complete silence. The calm after the storm.


  1. Wow, what a post! I am at the beach now in the midst of a crushing wave and this post just hits home. I am praying for the calm to come soon. This post is just perfect at describing where I am at today...under the crush of the wave. Thank you for words.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. It is nice to read a different point of view. Keep writing. I am following you on twitter.