08 February 2010

Never Stop Dreaming

I was at a loss of what to post today but knew something was stirring in my soul. I couldn't quite pinpoint it and then I received this amazing email from my BFF (aka Style Mayvin) and thought EUREKA! This is what all the soul stirring was about. Way to often we as women continually have our "dreams deferred" out of obligation, gender roles, fear, etc - you fill in the blank. Then when you compound that with MS, you think that you are no longer allowed to dream. That somehow the monster has dominion over all things good and beautiful. But dreams are like fairy tales. And don't fairytales always have some knight in shining armor that slays the dragon (aka monster) and we all have a happy ending? Well today here is your happy ending...enjoy!

"I read this today on Dr Wayne Dyer's Blog and wanted to share...

Dream and You Shall Become

True imagination is not fanciful daydreaming; it is fire from heaven.— Ernest Holmes

One of the huge imbalances in life is the disparity between your daily existence, with its routines and habits, and the dream you have within yourself of some extraordinarily satisfying way of living. Buried within you is an unlimited capacity for creation that’s anxious to plant seedlings to fulfill your dreams and your destiny. The absence of balance between dreams and daily routine can reveal itself in symptoms of depression, illness, or anxiety—but it’s more often something that feels like an unwelcome companion by your side, which continually whispers to you that you’re ignoring something. You sense that there’s a higher agenda; your way of life and your reason for life are out of balance. Until you pay attention, this subtle visitor will continue to prod you to regain your equilibrium.

When you live your life going through the motions, it may seem to be convenient, but the weight of your dissatisfaction creates a huge imbalance in the only life you have now. It shows up when you’re sound asleep and your dreams are filled with reminders of what you’d love to be, but you wake and return to pursuing your safe routine. Allow yourself to think about this “fire from heaven.” What are your dreams and how can you shift your thinking habits to match your dreams? Commit to thinking about what you want, rather than how impossible or difficult that dream may seem. Give your personal dreams a place to hang out so that you can see them in your imagination and they can soak up the energy they deserve. Thoughts are mental energy; they’re the currency that you have to attract what you desire. Learn to stop spending that currency on thoughts you don’t want. Your body might continue, for a while, to stay where it’s been trained to be, but meanwhile, your thoughts are being aligned with your dreams. Align your inner creative energy—your thoughts—so that they match up perfectly with your desires. Dream and you shall become.

Have a great week Dreamers..."

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